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"Bob Pacheco is by far the best in real estate brokering and negotiating". -F.X. Messina.

Thanks! But that's not all people are saying! Below, we've assembled just a few examples of what our clients are saying about BobPachecoRealtor.com and BobPacheco.com.

"No one comes close to negotiating as well as Bob Pacheco. He is awesome" Paul Murphy

He always finds and delivers the right deal. He is a great wholesaler.  Jay Howland

"I just wanted to say I love the new layout so much more. Much better to navigate and more user friendly. The best I have seen out of all the real estate sites". Dave Murphy.

"Your website is the best out there". Michael Griffin

"Complements on your website! I'm currently looking for a home and am going through a lot of real estate sites. Yours is by far the best that I've seen, ever. It's up to date, has a lot of pictures, floor plans, easy to navigate, not too much info, excellent!" P. W.

"I just wanted to let you know that this is the best Massachusetts real estate website I have ever seen! You are great!" Paul G.

"This website is fantastic: informational, really visual, quick, and easy to navigate. Kudos to your web people. This is the best Massachusetts real estate website I have seen." William M.

"As a former student who attended many of your real estate investment seminars. I was again impressed with your professionalism in representing me as a buyer’s agent. I would never consider dealing with anyone else but you" - John Flatley 

"I have bought and sold a lot of properties. Take my word Pacheco is an excellent negotiator and closer in differcult and complex deals"- Ira Coffman

"Thanks for the prompt response!!! You have the best real estate website in all of Southeastern Massachusetts!!" Steve Holland

"Thanks for your wealth of real estate knowledge and experience, and your website's wealth of information". J.G

"When the equities market began to experience volatility, Mr. Pacheco moved me into alternative real estate investments. I sleep much better now". Ed Connors

"As an architecture buff, whose real interest lies in older homes, I was often frustrated by the lack of available material. Your site is like a candy shop...filled with delectable treats, presented with impeccable detail". Jeff Webster

 "I would like to commend you for making the online real estate experience something more than merely the sum of its listings." -T. M.

"BobPachecoRealtor.com has been extraordinarily useful to me as a buyer's broker and I greatly appreciate it. I intend to do a lot of business with this company. The brokers I have met have been very pleasant and prepared like the information gathered here. This link was a way to tell you that, and also that this is the BEST web page I have ever visited".  Sincerely Frank S.

"Pacheco always comes through. He certainly has what it takes, very impressive".   -Paul Griffin
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